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I was unaware.

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All you do is push, pull, tear, we can’t stretch it any farther.

Skin:FRUK Knox skin shade 4 – The Revolver

Hair:Hype – Skyler // All Packs

Tattoo:—::[[F A M E]]::— [Confidence Tat]

Button Down:<kal rau> Casual Shirt << NEW

Jeans:<kal rau> Skinny Pants_Denim << NEW


Where we’re gonna Go?

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I’ve Traveled Many Walks Of Life,
Including This One, The One Before It
And No Doubt I Shall Walk The Next.
Fall In Line, Not Behind. I Don’t Wait On Enemies.

Skin: . : VyC : . RYAN Skin 3.Fair

Facial Hair:Fruk Face Fuzz – Heavy stubble

Hair (fade):Zovo – Fade Cut (dark) Black

Face Tattoo:AUDRAN Unisex Tattoo / LIGHT INK / ‘Bluebirds Face’

Body Tattoo:–::[[FAME]]::–WorldIsMineV1-TatLayer

Ears:AITUI [MESH] – Stretched Ear – Taper Spiral 1/2″

Sweater:n-creation hoodie no1 maroon

Jeans:” Calca HD ” Size G – Blue Dark

Kicks:[Z3] ChuckTaylorz Low

Cap:{alterego} fuckin amazing – fitted

Shades:K_gs Dodds 1.00

Necklace:*KRASH* Karma Necklace

Bracelet:Uncut Cross Bracelet – Shaved Wood


All this tangled Mess.

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So fall is upon us and I have to say, I love this weather, which I can take out my light jackets and scarves and wear my kicks for once and not my sandals. So here is the new Jacket/Tees from Kal Rau to add to your collection to this year’s fall line.



Skin:the body co. Hunter II (06 Tan)

Tattoo:[ICS] *Travis Barker*

Ears:AITUI [MESH] – Stretched Ear – Taper Spiral 1/2″

Jacket:<kal rau> Casual Blazer M4_Brown

Jeans:” Calca HD ” Black

Kicks:-Entente- Avenir Kicks

Shades:Alphavillain – Clubland Shades (Moroccan Limited Edition #2)

Piercing:[IC] Piercings Set .:OBLIVION:. – UNISEX


Whatever became of You

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Love these crew necks from Zone 3 and listening to the new tune from Drake (will be linked below).

but simple look that makes white blonde boys look… here it comes “G”
ok thanks, now check out.


Skin:the body co. Breeze (04 Medium) black hair

Tattoo:.:.BTRS.:. Dollars & Sense Tattoo

Sweater:[Z3]BOYLONDON Black Display

Jeans:[Pumpkin]Tight pants(fadedblue)

Kicks:[Z3] Lvs Blk Frost Jaspers

Beanie:[P] Skull Cap (black) Resize

Shades:Reek – Park Shades

Dive In

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So finally YuNimrt is open! like FINALLY FINALLY after her telling me for the past 3 months that she is going to open it, Yu has finally done it. I have to say I’m quite impressed with what she is bringing to the table and I cant wait to see more. So come down and get your poses, shapes, TATTOOs and more..

But i do apologize, been so caught up in rl and didnt really have the time until now. So hopefully I will continue to blog regularly again. Finally, inspired.

I will be first featuring one of her shapes called.. damnit i forgot the name of it. /me looks back inworld. Frank.
ps. The skin will not be named because its in the style card that is sold with the shape, nor the hair (:

Shape: Yu^Shaped: Frank  >>>NEW

Jeans:[Pumpkin]Low jeans (dark stone)

Kicks:{Elygo} Spike Sneakers  (Classic)


– Public Enemy – Loyal Soul by -mellic. >>NEW

UnCut Paradise Tattoo

Going Retro(back)

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This jacket is simply awesome and I had my creeper beard on but ah.. well.. I was told I’d look much better without it haha. But the new mesh items that keeps coming out of [Pumpkin] & .:villena:. just gets better and better so check out this track jacket and next post will be dedicated to my bears >.>

Skin:the body co. Breeze (04 Medium

Hair:*Drot* Kellin2.0- Dark Chocolate

Tattoo:[ICS] *Travis Barker* – faded 2

Jacket:.:villena:. – Jacket Abstract SlateBlue Male

Jeans:[Pumpkin]Tight pants

Kicks:[Z3] Jasperz

Chain:[Z3] GoodWood Dopey Ghost Grey

Shades:- Public Enemy- Slumdog millionaire Sun Glass

Last day for Fashion VooDoo

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so go and BUY SHIT from there. landmark HERE (and here

Mr Razor is amazing. I first saw this store like grow up into a big name that everyone knows from the day they were created and not just that his hunts and his committee, Depraved Nations, has grew to something so much more then what they had expected. Congratulations to Heather Razor for pulling off this event, its always a pleasure to attend A-M-A-Z-I-N-G events like this.


Skin: the body co. Breeze

Hair:Elk. // Eliah // Black II //

Tattoo: (flaunt) Skulls n Bones Tattoo (Black) << FV

Jacket:=Razorblade Jacket= Nylon Hoodie /// Blue Stripe << FV

Jeans:[Pumpkin]Low jeans (dark stone)

Kicks:[Z3] Zapahoe LX Blue Denim


song been stuck in my head, awesome collab with Neyo and Young Jeezy

if already havent heard.

DROP the bass.

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Ahhhh DANG IT! Dont forget to see FashionVooDoo for the latest wear and exclusive items. Went there last night with Miss Eva to check the Belleza skin and I have to admit, the exclusive skin there is hot.

And you seen those like Hanes commercial where the guys are like jumping and stuff.. where here is my attempt–ish. It was fun dressing them up and all the V-Necks are from D R O P . @ FASHIONVOODOO

And test driving STAKEY – 1,2 step

Left to Right (Ts Bottoms & Skin Only. Anything else upon request)


Skin: the body co. – Hunter II

V/N: D R O P . Mesh V/N Tee Blue

Jeans: [Pumpkin]Loose jeans


Skin:~Tableau Vivant~ Adam skin – Dark HB

V/N:D R O P . Mesh V/N Tee Border Gray

Jeans:~Tableau Vivant~ Low-rise jeans 5


Skin:FRUK Knox skin shade 3 – The Gent

V/N:D R O P . Mesh V/N Tee Pattern Black

Jeans:<kal rau> Baggy Jeans_Mesh


Skin:the body co. Tiger (04 Medium)

V/N:D R O P . Mesh V/N Tee Border Black

Jeans:[Pumpkin]Low jeans


Skin:-NIVARO- Crow Skin – springtone

V/N:D R O P . Mesh V/N Tee Border GrayBlue

Jeans:not so bad . NOAM shorts

It comes with and End

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So this is the last week of Pink Ribbon Fair

Sorry been dealing with a lot in RL, my grandmother’s cancer is taking a toll on my family, so I’ve been trying to just treasure the moments with my grandfolks. And got into it deep with N too and man you never expect it but cancer is out there. You never expect it to hit home because you see all these ads for it and awareness campaigns and you pay no mind to it until it affects you “personally.”

I hate how we worry so much about the time spent on making money to make a living but we dont even live the life we make.

So there is a little something from the fair (I know its a bit over due).


Skin:(love) Emilia – T2 Pink Ribbon 1 (PRF Exclusive)

Shape:Panda Punx-Rita Shape-PRF Hunt Gift (PRF Exclusive)

Hair:DECO – MESH Sloppy Mohawk (blaze)

Hairbase:Zovo – Buzz Cut (light) Black

Tattoo:Rebel Angel vol. 2 (PRF Exclusive)

Top:-SU!- Fight Like a Girl TankTop (PRF Exclusive)

Jeans:[Pumpkin]Low jeans



Life Is Pink

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Ok, finally back from a little break. Found out that my grandmother has stage 4 colon cancer…
I know I keep saying that we all know how it feels to know someone who is affected by some kind of cancer when we really don’t and when it does hit home. It hits hard.

So go support this event, shoot, SUPPORT ALL CHARITY EVENTS! and I approve this message. This doesn’t just affect the females but the males who loves these women and adore them.

So go to PINK RIBBON FAIR and check out the awesomeness of stuff that is there! And thank you for the sponsors for hosting this event.



Shirt:{:ThirteenTH:} PRF Exclu. Tatas Tee_Pink MALE


Shirt:**S&C** Male Tank v2 – Exam (Hunt Object)


Shirt:[LF] Keep Calm Shirt PRF HotPink