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Got Pink?

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And the Pink Ribbon Fair just around the corner!

This is an event for Breast Cancer Awareness and I have to say, the notices I’m receiving on the daily means the coordinators do know what they are doing. I am particularly proud to be able to be a part of this project because this is something that affects not just one person but the community associated with that person. And that person could be a mother, sister, friend, mentor, and lover. This is just a taste of the few that has come out from the event. And I cant wait to show you more of what is to come.



Hair: RAW HOUSE :: Lion [Momoiro] (Group Gift)

Tattoo:.:BTS:. Scars Tattoo-PRF Hunt Item @ PRF

Tank:[LF] KC Tank PRF BOX @PRF

Jeans&Kicks&ArmBand: ::Envious:: Beat It *exclusive* @ PRF


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Fashion VooDoo is coming! Get ready for it because the designers in this event is CRAZY. (More info and Flier down below)

So here is our “Cant Touch This” post. Love the new skin from Prodigal (Nat) from the One Voice Event and Yu wasn’t complaining either as it had a hint of Asian in it… (she is secretly in love with them <.<)  but I wanted a more hardcore like back the F’ up and of course every man has a woman to keep him grounded. And the towel, yes its ridged mesh, problem is that it doesnt resize to fit rite on my head but it is still AWESOME.

ps. Sometimes your words just hypnotize me
And I just love your flashy ways
Guess that’s why they broke, and you’re so paid




Facial Hair:EMORTAL CONCEPTS~Scruffy Mutton Chops combo2 (chin cap stubble)

Tattoo:- BlackFeet – To the ends of the Earth

Tank:[Avoid] *Mesh* (M) Muscle Shirt – Skull

Shorts:Rerty Street CargoShort Black

Towel:PRIMO – Black Louis Vuitton Head Scarf [MESH]


Shades:K_gs Gapp


Skin:(AMD) Kat

Hair:/Wasabi Pills/ Ichigo Mesh Hair

Top:(Chemistry) ECHO TANK TOP – Banded Sheer

Leggins:.:Eclair:. Wet Look Leo Leggings

Heels:Mstyle XIAOYI Wedges – Gold Panther

Necklace:MG – Necklace – Babette – Combo ALL – Jet Silver



FASHION VOODOO! Its finally around the corner! From Aug 10-30, host by Deprived Nation and with over 100 brands and exclusive items marked 50% down for the event. Check out the brands by clicking the flier below.

hot & heavy, pumpkin pie, chocolate candy, Jesus Christ

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So last night I spent it with the twins. Cant wait to introduce them to Yu officially.. and finally she is going to come home! Man do I sure miss her, so this is me trying to seduce her..ish. Haha.

But this song seems perfect, I have the woman I love and the kids. What else can I be missing? Dog maybe 😮

or that pet dragon from MAW <.<

Introducing new tattoo from -Public Enemy-  by mellic

New hair from Burley

and awesome prop/pose from Exposeur, check out her new poses @ Zodic (theme of the month is.. of course, nothing better then LEO >:D) it just open using the awesome build from FANATIK


Skin: the body co. Hunter II

Hair:[BURLEY]_Nayuta_Blacks >> NEW

Tattoo:– Public Enemy – Lost Paradise Tattooby – mellic. >>NEW

Jeans:~Tableau Vivant~ Low-rise jeans 5

Shades:[CheerNo] Glasses . MARLEY*Black

Chain:[Z3] GoodWood Mishka Sb Chain >>NEW

Chair:{.:exposeur:.} Men Sitting In Chairs


La la la la, take me Home
Baby, I’m coming Home

I’ll follow you into the park,
through the jungle, through the dark
Girl, I’ve never loved one like you

Moats & boats & waterfalls,
alley ways & pay phone calls
I’ve been everywhere with you

That’s true


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And it is finally OPEN! FROSTING by the one and ony Cupcake Godric. She has given me the honor to present her she male shapes which was to me, very fun to dress up and see what I can do with them. But of course with them all done up, does them no justice because it is really all in the shape of the avatar. I do admit, some of them has gotten me some high praises compared to my own shape.

so check out her store Frosting.

(noted, since goes accordingly to the shape that will be shown below)


Day Off

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Sucks how the one friday i get off she is off to the beach :/ So since there is no woman around to make me do stuff, I shall just lounge around to my hearts content, sleep in, and eat ramen noodles because I refuse to cook on my day off. I would be lounging around naked in my home but since I promise to keep this some what PG-17 1/2 I shall have clothes on today haha.

ps. love u AL

Skin:-Entente- Matthieu Skin

Hair:-Entente- Laurent Hair – Brown

Shirt:D R O P . V/N Tee -Soda-

Sweats:[Sheep Door] Jersey Pants Navy

Sock&Sandal:[Z3]Jordanz Floaterz


My Kinds, Your Kinds.

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New shirts from ZaKar and new hair from Exile @ hair fair.

ps. love you AAL

Hair: ::Exile::6th Avenue Heartache

Shirts:ZaKar T-Shirt BigTool; Defender, Mexican Troop, Obsassion

Jeans: ZaKar – BigTool


We don’t Need Protection.

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Back! Sorry for such delay. Been picking up a lot of hours in rl for work since I’m going to be seeing my one and only in a few months and trying to impress her with a nice hotel view of the ocean >:D and plus I have no idea what I’m suppose to do with my DMV stuff. I’m a bit lost because I did a change of address and not sure if they are suppose to mail me something??? and plus when can I renew my license? 60 days before I turn 21 or what? Damnit so many question and not enough time.

But lots of new stuff, first lets start off with a thank you to miss Roxy for her slowly adaptiveness (… is that even a word?) to male fashion. The textures are amazing and honestly cant wait to see what else you make.. maybe some mesh caps? (hint hint).

And epic cover from Ellie Goulding —–> check it out (bottom of the blog >:D)

V-Neck shirts: -TartCake&YuMad- Kick Back Tee’s Men’s FAT PACK

Jeans: -TartCake&YuMad- Mens Wash Jeans FAT PACK

Find them here:

-TartCake&YuMad- Mainstore


Shut it down.

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Skin: (AMD) Catalina – Peachy

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Aida Mesh Hair – Black Coffee

Hair Base: -Likeli- _hair base 2

Top : :: alterego :: declined – blue

Jeans:{mon tissu} Nora Skinny Jeans – Faded

Pumps:[PM] Baby T’s – Plain – Black

Necklace:MG – Necklace – Babette

Bracelet:  MG – Boho Bangles


Girl you’re the greatest
and if he say you aint
girl he’s out his mind
you’re the finest
and if he say you aint
that boy done lost his mind
hey baby, everytime you come around
shut it down like computers
hey lady, step into my heart
and put you in the louboutins
what you want
what you need
I can be your everything
them other niggas
just wanna hit it but if they had it
wouldn’t know what to do with it

Social Status Doesn’t Even Matter.

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What people doesnt understand is that me and Yu has had history…like big history and everyday we spend all the time that we can with each other because our time spent isnt something forced, so no she isnt just another girl but she is THE woman of my life. We been married on SL on 6/5/2011 and even tho there was a break and we have reconnected, its as if we never broke up at all. This is when you know you met your soulmate, thing is, her weather sucks. HAHA kidding.

On another note, she will be opening her pose store soon and this pose is a teaser of whats to be expected. Why settle for general poses when you can have one that stands out from the rest? Check out her FLICKR for upcoming poses and news.


Skin:~Tableau Vivant~ Ryan skin – tone 6

Hair:*Aotreo- Sid – Chestnut

Tattoo:[Sleepy Bozer] Shibby

Shirt:bleak . Nerd V neck

Jeans:[Pumpkin]Classic jeans(drkbl)

Shades:Reek – Park Shades


Skin:Curio – Jasmine

Hair:/Wasabi Pills/ Teeloh Mesh Hair – Vanilla pudding

Hair Base: R E M O R S E – Cassie “Perm Rollers” Blonde

Top:-TartCake&YuMad- Loose Tank – Peace-Love-Music

Jeans:AMERIE – Mesh Skinny Pants

She fell in love with these kicks so I had to do a single feature on me. Introducing NEW Kicks from  BALKANIK2.0; Magnetized Sneakers_Tagada


but its the whole world against us, they can try to stop us but we’re going out like gangstas, i know that i’m hated by her camp,

but i swear this’ll end like the lady and the tramp, i’m just waiting for my chance,

they keep saying that shes way too good for me, sometimes i wish sugar momma was sugar free,

cause i aint in it for the dough, i aint diggin for the gold, i just wanna show all yall what both of us been knowin,

i don’t want any problems or any of her dollas, i just want yall to leave us alone and don’t call us.

For that rebound chick

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Epic song done by the one and only DFD, which inspired me for this next post. Its ah.. thank you and goodbye post. Good bye to good memories and bad in my past because there is no more room to ponder of what could have or would have been, instead I’m kinda just living it up with her. September is the month to be in PA, good weather, no tornados or crazy mother nature stuff going on.. especially me coming from Cali, I’m not made for any other things from mother nature except tsunamis and earthquakes haha.

A rose.

Skin:[RG] ! Skin TYLER – Pale >>NEW


Jacket+Button Down:{EPIC} Trench Coat – Navy >>NEW

Slacks:ISPACHI Mesh [Executive Chinos] Light >>NEW

Kicks:[Z3] 5.1s Black Varsity Red Metallic

Shades:Reek – Park Shades

Pose:*PosESioN* Rose Set