King of his Tub ft. HairFair & *PosESioN

In Uncategorized on July 13, 2012 at 12:34 pm

So I couldnt find mesh toga for this so I had to improvise. Hair Fair preview! This is an awesome mesh crown with hair by Cheerno at Hair Fair open TOMORROW! (courtesy of Ms. Iris ❤ thank you for the guest pass). And special thanks to Dahriel for the new Demon Pose set.

Skin:[RG] ! Skin TYLER – Pale >>NEW

Hair:[CheerNo] Hair*Chicane Dark @ Hair Fair >>NEW

Tattoo:– Public Enemy – Sinful Treasure Body Tat by – mellic. >>NEW

Towels: (top picture) Muschi Bath Towel WHITE

(bottom picture) Mesh Wrapped Male Towel

Pose:*PosESioN* Demon Set >>NEW

  1. I always prefer to use cotton bath towels because they are warmer and usually their texture is much better than synthetic bath towels.*:,`:

    Kindest regards“>

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